• What differentiates Amazon Planet’s açai purées from other brands?
Our organic açai purées are 100% additive-free: We use NO colors, flavors, preservatives, emulsifiers or thickeners of any kind, just fresh-picked, organic berries. A difference you can taste!
• What differentiates Amazon Planet’s açai sorbets from other brands?
First of all, our sorbets are not made from frozen ingredients or açai concentrates, but are made right there in the Amazon, directly from fresh-picked berries. Second, our sorbets are purer as they don’t contain colors, flavors or preservatives of any kind. And third, our sorbets are all-organic as we don’t use any conventional ingredients. Try it to believe it!
• How should I consume Amazon Planet’s açai purées and sorbets?
Our purées are made for blending (they’re absolutely unsweetened containing 0g sugars per serving): Just pop a 100g pack into the blender, add your favorite fruit and some juice, almond milk or coconut water and blend it into an amazing smoothie or bowl! For some delicious recipes check out our Wonderblends. Our sorbets can be blended just like our packs, but they can also be enjoyed straight out of the pint! Scoop it straight out and savor it pure or with your favorite topping.
• What are the health benefits of Amazon Planet’s açai purées and sorbets?
Our organic açai purées and sorbets provide you with all the healthy nutrition of real Amazon açai: Loads of antioxidants to combat free radicals, plenty of heart-healthy omega 6 and 9 fatty acids and a good amount of dietary fiber to regulate your gastrointestinal function.
• Why do Amazon Planet’s açai purées and sorbets taste so different?
The tart, "refreshing" taste that a lot of açai products have in the US does not come from the açai but from filler juices and/or added acidifiers (usually citric acid). Our products are free of any such additives or filler juices and therefore maintain the unadulterated taste of real açai - a velvety, natural, dark-chocolaty taste that is both unique and delightful.
• Are Amazon Planet’s açai purées and sorbets organic?
Yes, all of our products are now organic certified! In fact, unlike other brands, we don’t use any conventional ingredients whatsoever. And, of course, our products continue being made exclusively with wild-harvested açai berries.
• Why are Amazon Planet’s açai products pasteurized?
As no pesticides are used on our wild-grown fruits, there are naturally occurring bacteria and microorganisms present on the fruit's surface when we pick them. If we didn’t flash-pasteurize our products these naturally occurring bacteria would rapidly multiply in the low-acid and nutrient rich environment açai provides, thereby turning the products rancid. Pasteurization ensures a completely safe product without using any preservatives whatsoever.
• Does pasteurization reduce the nutritional benefits of Amazon Planet’s açai products?
Independent laboratory studies show that none of the important micro- and macronutrients of açai (antioxidants, heart-healthy fats and fiber) suffer from pasteurization. The reduction in heat-sensitive enzymes, on the other hand, is the price we have to pay to ensure that our product can safely withstand the long logistical process from the heart of the Amazon rainforest to your freezer without the help of preservatives.
• Are there any allergens in Amazon Planet’s açai products?
Our products contain no gluten, wheat, nuts, soy, dairy or other known allergens.
• Are Amazon Planet’s açai products suited for children?
Our PURE products are totally suited for children: a lot of healthy, delicious nutrition and no caffeine, additives or other nasties. (In the Amazon pure açai is often given to babies as a substitute for mother's milk!) On the other hand, we do not recommend our ENERGY products for children, as they contain natural caffeine from green tea and yerba mate extract.
• Must Amazon Planet’s açai purées and sorbets be kept frozen?
As our products contain no preservatives whatsoever they must be kept frozen until consumed.
• Where can I buy Amazon Planet’s açai purées and sorbets?
Find a retailer near you.