Our organic açai purée is the ideal ingredient for any smoothie or bowl, providing it with a heap of essential nutrients and a delicious, creamy flavor. As pure açai is naturally mild and creamy, our organic purées combine perfectly with practically any ingredient, whether it be blueberries or goji berries, kale or coconut, almond milk or greek yogurt. So just blend your favorite ingredients with our pure açai and enjoy. For some great ideas take a look at our favorite smoothie and bowl recipes.

Crafting an açai smoothie or bowl is as easy as 1-2-3:
1. Run açai pack(s) under cold water for 5-10 seconds, break contents into smaller pieces (to help out your blender), cut pack open with a pair of scissors and pour açai into blender.
2. Add a cup of your favorite fruit, a little liquid (juice, almond milk, coconut water or anything else you fancy) and, if necessary, a little of your favorite sweetener (remember that our açai has 0g sugars).
3. Blend until smooth and get ready to delight your palate and nurture your body!

Perhaps the most difficult thing in making a smoothie is to get the thickness just right. So here are a few tips to get the consistency you want:
1. Add less rather than more liquid with the initial ingredients. It’s easier to add a little more liquid if you see your blender needs it rather than to try to give more consistency to a liquidy smoothie.

2. Especially when making a bowl, which needs a very thick, “spoonable” consistency, make sure to use plenty of frozen fruit (about 2/3 of all the fruit you add). Besides thickening the smoothie, frozen fruits are cheaper, save you time (no peeling, washing...) and, most of all, are nutritionally at least equal to their fresh counterparts, as they’re picked at the peak of ripeness and not way before that.

3. In case your smoothie does turn out less consistent than you’d like, the easiest way to thicken it is to add some ice cubes. Water ice cubes will dilute the taste and nutrition, so try adding frozen cubes of coconut water, juice or almond milk.